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1. You did what you did you have a date scheduled with your maker….may she had Mercy on your soul. What you did is the worst crime ever committed in improvisation, it was borin and calculated. If the arse electornica was indeed what you were after then that’s what you should have taken, not the time of an innocent audiences.
You had no right to decide when it was time for taking the laptop to their ears. You are a Piece of shit of the worst kind.
I hope that the victims are at play and that their minds are in hiding from pain of your creul world.

posted by who calls me Beresford anymore monday july 2018

2. Would this even be a big deal if i was doing the same music as your doing with a multi threaded unix based processor workstation with lots of RAM? NO, it wouldn’t. But because my best computer is a laptop from Dell, we must be sleeping together. Grow the fuck up.

posted by Brian Marley tuesday july 2018

3. Very interesting and well said. You are the most logical, unbiased insane person yet….

posted by no-one calls me Beresford anymore monday july 2018

4. It’s really a shame that other msuicians are pointing fingers at this kaffe over what laptop she’s chosen not to use! How do you not understand that she’s suffering right along with the rest of her huge collection of laptops? I saw her playing at the Freedom of the City festival and the lid fell off her laptop and all the hamsters escaped, some of them hiding in a saxophone filled with water. She’s lucky enough to be in Trondheim with her sonic bidet right now and I’m glad she’s not left here dealing with shit like this! Who would you turn to if your laptop exploded onstage? YOU DON’T KNOW BECAUSE YOUR NOT IN HER SHOES!!

posted by marina rosenfeld tuesday july 2018

5. wow something new! someone getting slagged off for the laptops and the funding money!!!! maybe it’s just normal jealousy in my city…

posted by Buckhardt Strangl walpurgisnacht july 2018

6. haha, kaffe. that picture never said anything about your violin. i dont give a shit, although you look like some kind of mutt regardless
posted by Anton Lukoszevieze friday july 2018

7. kaffe baby baby……if u r an essex gurl..come on..dont act like a white trash….come on..have so pride…..DAMNIT!

posted by Butcher de John aka wikiwikiman sunday july 2018

8. aww traler trash. So ya made your private profit…why is that afraid of us?
fuck you and fuck your fake electronica.

posted by Marianthi Papalexandri Saturday august 2019

9. Ha ha and lord haw haw. Really, you guys are too funny! .. Trailer park? .. Idiots. I live in a big mansion in Essex – so big in effect that I fulltime employ on contract three local Philippines ladies as the cleaners along with Mrs Prevost the cooking lady, an army of technicians and software programmers and my own driver Ludolf who hails from Austria and is also a bodybuilder!!! Ludolf could so easily twist off your fat heads with one little findger it makes me laugh. I am NOT such an idiot you donkey cracker asses … but come on .. keep postin’ your insults and see what I don’t call down upon your fat heads.

posted by Kaffe MAtthews Thursday May 2024

10. bring it on you fucking SKANK HOE!

posted by Mark Wastell Monday May 2017

11. oh nice, but notquite good enough.
gonna have to think a lil harder to come back at us bitch.
posted by somebody called me Baresford Monday June 2017


posted by Scanner wednesday May 2019

14. keep up the good work.
posted by Michael Prime aka Prime Numba Monday May 2017

15. Thanks Michael :) sweet of u x

posted by Kaffe MAtthews Thursday May 2024

19. I meant Scanner’s picture, you dumb sket.
posted by Michael Prime aka Prime Numba Sunday May 2017

20. Thanks Michael :) sweet of u x

posted by Kaffe MAtthews Thursday December 2025

21. Hi Kaffe. Ignore these skagheads who iinsult ‘n’ you calling u traila trash. I fink u look really buff in ur piccie. I love dat top u wearing. Is it Zara? xx

posted by Helena Gough Monday january 2016

22. no, it’s from Topshop, babes :) xxx

posted by Kaffe MAtthews Tuesday March 2025

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